The time for simple answers is over.

Let's support humanity to find the right questions and design processes for better answers by overcoming old paradigms
with a different kind of awareness, an evolved consciousness and new ways of organizational design.

My work

I support...

→ change makers
→ midwifes of future
→ awareness wizzards
→ co-evolution of consciousness
I believe in the possibility of a world in which people can both live their uniqueness to the fullest and we work together for a prosperous future as humanity, integrated into the larger whole system of our planet.... and beyond.

Developmental Coaching

  • Organisational change work

  • Advanced meaning making

  • Late STAGES Development of consciousness

Advanced Training

  • Organisational development

  • Integral Leadership

  • STAGES - a contemporary model of consciousness

Co-Creation of the future

  • Facilitation for thought leader

  • Collective learning journeys

  • Pre-sencing the emergence of the future

Some more context


I usually work in Germany

In Germany I offer Organisational Development, Training for OD Consultants and Coaches and special developmental programs, that cover the full range of the development of consciousness.

I've developed an integral organisational development approach, where I combine based upon the metaframeworks "integral Theory" and "Theory of Process" systemic, cybernetic and individual perspectives.

I created Frameworks for OD and full spectrum individual development.

and collaborate internationally

I'm pretty active in the STAGES community, as a scorer, coach, instructor and German contact person.

I'm in the advisory board of the Global Learning and Exchange network.

I don't actively market in english

So, you won't see "products or services" here

Get in touch and let's find out, how I can support you, your organization or your community.

And by the way... my assumption is, that you know me from some event or collaboration already, that's why there is no big Bio about me. So, let's chat.

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Entrepreneurship & Consulting


Own advanced training in Coaching, OD, etc


Developmental facilitation for customers

My Customers and Collaboration



I have worked for several years with Heiko and I can highly recommend him.

We have worked on team and individual coaching projects, organisational development projects and more recently in the field of personal development.

Heikos enormous set of tools, methods and communication skills have always been a valuable asset that have influenced the outcome positively, even in the more critical contexts.

Peter Whitmore
Director - Digital Business Platform

"Heiko penetrates a wide variety of problems....

..very quickly and identifies the causes. He doesn't just treat the symptoms, but gets to the root of the problem and helps to bring about lasting change. In doing so, he gives help to help oneself and does not necessarily take the unpleasant things off one's shoulders.

His empathy, his loyalty and his expertise, which goes over a multitude of levels, make Heiko for me a person of whom I will not meet many in my life."

Benedict Sticker
IT Director Kayser Group

His sincere support and open accommodation

"In the many months of working together, Mr. Veit has struck me as an extremely open, communicative and very honest partner. I have perceived him as a very structured, goal-oriented and assertive person, whereby I would like to expressly emphasize that this is in no way based on an "elbowing" approach. I also occasionally use him as a personal coach, as his honest support and open-minded approach also helps me find new ways to deal with personal issues in my day-to-day work."

Andreas Siegel
Manager Business Analysis and Consultancy bei AtosOrigin Processing Services

Development and consulting that makes the difference.

Heiko advises specifically with a focus on realistic implementation options.

He understands how complexity can be designed. I don't know anyone with broad related expertise.

He shares knowledge and creates a safe, tailor-made space for development. In doing so, he takes context and continuum into account at all times.

I appreciate him very much and would happily recommend him.

Sebastian Gabel

Prokurist bei der explainity GmbH
Sellvertretender Aufsichtsratsvorsitzender bei der
Deutschen Gesellschaft für Supervision und Coaching (DGSv)

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